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We are shipping!

We are glad to announce that we are shipping our HO scale flatcars through the next week! Thank you!


The upside down test!

If you are purchasing a Wheels of Time HO flatcar and our lumber load, here is something you can do! Our lumber load has a cavity for an optional installation of a magnet which will hold to a Wheels of Time flatcar in lieu of glue. Our flatcar features a steel subdeck to make this work. We recommend a Neodymium Block Magnet with the following dimensions: 3/16" L x 3/16" W x 1/32" (K & J Magnetics, Item No. B3301). See the following photos. One of the photos shows a string with a clip attached, so you know it's not some photoshop trick.

Update - 1) Wheels of Time HO scale flatcar is currently at the Port of Oakland. Est. release is in March. 2) HO scale Lumber Load is in revised tooling stage. We will have a "wood grain" finish.


Photo break for your day: Even real railroads had problems . . . 

Photo break for your day: You thought only model railroads had problems with couplers. Well look again, even real railroads had problems with height differences between couplers. Enjoy!


A new run of N scale 60-ft Baggage-Express Cars

A new run of N-scale 60-ft Arched Roof & Harriman Baggage-Express cars is in the works. We think they are worthy of your considerations! Pre-orders are due by April 11th. Anticipated delivery is about late summer 2017.

These N scale cars Arched Roof and Harriman (Common Standard) cars were originally built in the early part of the 20th century and lasted into the 1960s in revenue service. They were found in streamlined passenger trains at the headend, in mail trains, and in mixed freight trains.

This run of 60-ft baggage-express cars are for Canadian National Railways, Delaware Lackawanna & Western, Southern Railway, Illinois Central, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific railroads. In addition, we like to highlight two cars re-purposed for maintenance-of-way operations: Erie Lackawanna in striking red scheme, and Southern in black. The EL M-o-W car lived on into the Conrail era, while the Southern M-o-W car was on the Norfolk Southern roster before it was retired.

Wheels of Time cars feature precise highly detailed tooling such as underframe details according to the prototype, and Harriman ends or flat car ends. These cars are nicely weighed and equipped with metal wheels for smooth operations. Cars come with 6-wheel or 4-wheel heavyweight trucks as according to the real thing.

Click here for brochures  - PDF  or  PNG pg 1, PNG pg 2


First Look

Our HO scale Lumber Loads is coming. We decided to revise layout of the flat mold, so it will fit neatly in a little 7-in. x 5-in. box. See below for the first look of our test shot. If you like it, give us a thumbs up.