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From our test bench

One of the fun things we get to do at Wheels of Time is developing our product from paper ideas & assumptions to finding our the best process to really makes it work. This helps us refine our writing our instructions for these kits (which we are currently writing) - and gives our clients a clear and hopefully a excellent experience in builidng our Wheels of Time kits. Below are some photos of our N scale Southern Pacific Chair car (a.k.a Espee language for luxuary coach) from our test bench. Enjoy.

Priming the underframesKeeping things squareEnds glued on opposite partsMaking it square: gluing body shell togetherDecalingFrom the paint shopAdding windows


Surprise! . . . Six days and counting!

We are happy to be re-eleasing in Spring a second batch of Denver & Rio Grande Western N scale PC&F Insulated Boxcar in the original orange paint scheme - not previously announced to the general public. (That is a mouthful). These will be all new 4 car numbers.

Don't forget to act now. 6-day warning to pre-order your Wheels of Time HD-21 Crawler and Dozer kits - and companion decals by March 18th!  HO-scale {click here}  N-scale {click here}




Hot off the factory!


Taking Pre-orders 2nd Run HD-21 Dozers & Crawlers

Help us get the word out. Wheels of Time is taking Pre-orders for our HD-21 Dozer and Crawler kits. These Custom Editions are made here USA. Pre-orders are due by March 18, 2019. ETA is April 25th.  Below are photos of our kits build up and decorated  See our web site for details! Dealers are welcomed - special dealers terms apply. Ask for details. For those who missed the first run, try not to miss this run.

Go here for HO scale HD-21,  for N scale HD-21


Our winter update in photos . . .

Wheels of Time new "Shock Control" Santa Fe boxcar in it's all red revised paint scheme getting pad printed - taken just before the Lunar New Year holiday - which is like our Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into several weeks long of merriment.WOT factory pad printing

S.P. Chair Car getting primed on for those customers who ordered a complete build from us. Yes, we are mighty late on this product. We had to go through several interations of printing parts to eliminate the bugs.WOT painting SP Chair Cars

Painted samples of our HD-21 Tractor of how it looks build up from a kit.  BTW, we will be doing a second run of these HD-21s in both HO and N scale due the popularity. We simply couldn't fulfill all the extra orders coming in. . . plan on announcing it next week on our website and through our email newsletter. Enjoy!WOT HD-21 closeupWOT HD-21 yellowWOT HD-21 orange