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In production . . .

We are diligently working on our production of Custom Editions' Everyday Work Trucks. If you are waiting your order, we have not forgotten about you. We are working through our backlog and should be shipping between now and a couple of weeks. For more information on line of HO scale trucks and N scale trucks see our website.


Photos of our new HO scale Straight Tapered Bulkhead

Just hot off our factory floor. Our new Wheels of Time  HO scale Straight Tapered Bulkhead flatcar. Noticed the difference from the stepped tapered design. Enjoy!


Lumber load and D&RGW - What do they have in common?

Actually, nothing (except both are made with excellence at Wheels of Time)!

Below is a photo of Mark McLeod's impressive craftsmanship in building Wheels of Time HO scale Lumber Load kit. It looks like real wood! He displayed his models at the recent Bay Area Prototype Modelers meet. Thank you Mark for your excellent work!

We are adding another paint scheme to our N scale 2nd run of PC&F Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars which we are taking pre-orders.: Denver & Rio Grande Western in the sharply painted orange and black. We are doing this after hearing from modelers and dealers. It will be like our first production run, except these FOUR cars will have all new car numbers. They will be (it's not posted on our web site - yet):

Denver & Rio Grande Western, PC&F 50-ft RBL Insulated Boxcars, 10'6" YPD - 4 car numbers

WOT item #. / Road Car number
WOT 61204  DRGW 61513
WOT 61205  DRGW 61533
WOT 61206  DRGW 61610
WOT 61207  DRGW 61623

Pre-orders directly or from your favorite hobby store!



Re-introducing our Custom Editions line of vocation trucks!

Wheels of Time makes a wonderful line of everyday work trucks to bring your model railroad layout alive in HO and in N scales  - under our Custom Editions line. No longer will Shapeways handle our production of these trucks. We just made it better for you in the following ways:  1) Quality of parts is even better, since we have better control over the way it is printed.  Our print quality is smoother than any previously released 3D printed Wheels of Time product. 2) Price drop. We are passing the savings on to you! ** 3) After feedback from our HO scale community, we decided to 3D print the HO scale tires and wheels as separately applied part. As in both, the HO and N scales, the wheels (axle) are designed to rotate freely and are not fixed! 4) International customers can now order directly from us just like our other WOT products. 5) We have added two additional truck types to our exciting line up. Check it out.  HO scale click here.  N scale click here.

Click here for the brochure in HO scale.  Here for N scale brochure.

Wheels of Time is committed to excellence. History in your hands!  We will have actual production models at the N scale Convention in Salt Lake City. Drop by and say hi.

**For those who are waiting for your order trucks, and have paid the previous price, we will be contacting you and refunding you the difference.


Photos of N scale X-Post cars

Hi all,

Here is a photo of several our first run of N scale Pacific Car & Foundry Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars. We will be posting more photos of other cars. Be sure to see our second run of these colorful cars - - we have extended the pre-orders deadlines!  Enjoy!


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