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Greetings From Milwaukee

It's been great meeting up with so many old and new friends at the 75th NMRA Train Show in Milwaukee. Thanks to all who have visited the Wheels of Time booth! For those of you who couldn't be here ... a few pictures of some really neat stuff we're working on at Wheels of Time. Enjoy!

Clerestory end of our new baggage-express car

New tooling for our new 6-wheel heavyweight drop equalizer truck

 Roof types for our new baggage-express car including clerestory, 
arched with Utility vents, arched with Garland vents

 HO Scale and N Scale "ADA Warning Band for modern platforms".
 Check out the real bumpy 3-D details!


75th Anniversary National Train Show

Hope to see you at 75th Anniversary National Train Show in Milwaukee
on July 16-18! Wheels of Time is setting up shop at booth #091, where
we'll be making some all-new product announcements for HO and N-scale,
in addition to showcasing our exceptionally accurate N-scale
Heavyweight 70-ft baggage-express cars. Stop by and pay us a visit. I
am looking forward to meeting you!

Happy Model Railroading,



See us in N Scale Magazine - Hint!


MOW Series Plus More! Latest.

Production for MOW Series Plus More is being finished up as we speak. Will be shipping from HK to the States this Wednesday or Thursday. Yeaa! Can't wait. Give or take a few days, if no problem at Uncle Sam (a.k.a. U.S. Customs), then it should be shipped to all around June 4-10th.

Heading to Milwaukee on July 16-18 for the 75th Anniversary NMRA Train Show?
See Wheels of Time at booth # 091. Do drop by and say hi.

Best Regards,


More Pre-Production pics!