Wheels of Time The Real Thing in N-Scale

If you are looking for high-quality, historically authentic model railroad trains, look no further. We bring to the N-Scale hobbyist a miniature with excellent attention to detail that brings history alive. Wheels of Time products are built through reservations to best serve all of our clients and to bring you trains that capture your imagination.

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Step Van - Custom Editions by Wheels of Time

Western Pacific's Fabulous Four Fs - Custom Editions by Wheels of Time


PC-90 Piggy-Packer

The Wheels of Time PC-90 Piggy-Packer. A huge tractor for moving truck trailers and shipping containers on and off piggyback flat cars. A highly detailed and historically accurate model based on the FWD Wagner / Raygo Wagner PC-90, it’s perfect for your intermodal scene (1968 to the present). Fully decorated and ready to add to your model railroad layout or diorama. More ...


Rolling Stock

80-ft Baggage-Horse / Express Cars

53'-6" General Service Welded Fish Belly Flat Cars

70-ton 53-ft 6-in Welded Deck Fishbelly Flat Cars



50-ft Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Loader-Equipped box car

Not your average box car .... Now, for the first time modeled in detailed N-scale, the incredibly popular 50-ft Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Loader-Equipped box car. Serving the food industry primarily, yet suitible for any shipper looking for a stable, insulated ride, these specially equipped insulated box cars were cushioned from slack action, protected with load equipment to prevent shifting loads, and insulated from extremes in temperature. Learn more ...!



Bilevel Commute Coaches ... N-Scale commuters trains

All aboard your favorite commute* train for the Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas. North Western, Espee, VRE, Caltrain, Alaska.  Ready-to-Run N-Scale; very fine details; 2-level interiors; MT couplers. Not lighted. Models are based on the 1957 ACF bilevel coach design. Quick. . .  most are sold out!

70-ft Baggage Express ... N-Scale Heavyweight Baggage-Express Cars.  1st, 2nd & 3rd Batches.

These cars were used for carrying express packages, pre-sorted mail, and passenger luggage from the 1920s to the advent of Amtrak. In mail & express service (M&E), they were interlined with connecting railroads to provide seemless service. More ...

60-ft Baggage Express ... N-Scale Arched Roof and Harriman Baggage-Express Cars

These baggage express cars were seen on railroads across North America; some remained in use up until the advent of Amtrak. The Harriman cars were developed during the time of Edward Henry Harriman, who controlled many rail lines. More ...


60-ft Harriman Coaches ... N-Scale Harriman Coaches

Introduced in 1906, just before Henry Ford made his famous model “T” automobile, these cars were the defining characteristics of steam passenger trains for the Union Pacific, the Illinois Central, the Southern Pacific and other associated railroads. For the traveling public, they were a step up from wooden coaches that would break like a match stick in the event of a derailment. More ...


 Transit Series

Transit Motor Coaches (N-Scale) ...

"Transit Motor Coaches"; that's bus language for the vehicles that connected people to places like train stations.  Our model buses are not toys but an exceptionally accurate reflection of "old look" motor coaches from a variety of transit properties across North America. More ....



ADA Station Platform Warning Band

Do you model Amtrak or modern commuter trains? Bring your layout up to date with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) station platform warning bands. In HO- and N- scales. More ...


6-wheel Heavyweight Drop-Equalizer Passenger Truck.  Pullman type  xxx, 11-ft WB.  Adjustable draft gear
metal 36" wheelsets, center mounted bolster, MT couplers, sold in pairs. More ...