S P E C I A L S!

Doing some spring cleaning - guess what we found our storage?

Wheels of Time original resin castings for N scale Union Pacific 69-ft Common Standard Postal Baggage-Express Car (69-BP-30) and Southern Pacific 70-ft Common Standard Baggage-Express Car (70-B-1:9) that we made back in 20 years ago. These castings do require clean up!

First come, first serve until we run out.

**If you are ordering more than 3, email us and we will send you a PayPal money request with an itemized total - and save you shipping. We can pack alot in those small flat rate USPS boxes.

N scale UP 69-BP-30-x (Note label should say 69-ft and not 60-ft)N scale 70-B-x

N-scale (1) UP Harriman 69-ft Postal-Baggage-Express shell with underframe, resin.  CL-UP69. $5.00


N-scale (1) SP Harriman 70-ft Baggage-Express shell with underfame, resin.   CL-SP-70BE.      $5.00


Two (2) N-scale UP Harriman 69-ft Postal-Baggage-Express shells with underframes, resin  CL-UP69-2.  $9.00


One 1) N-scale UP Harr 69-ft Postal-BE & One (1) SP 70-ft Baggage, resin  CL-UP-69BP-SP-70BE.   $9.00


Two (2) SP Harr 70-ft Baggage-Express shells with underframes, resin. CL-SP-70BE-2.   $9.00