Wheels of Time manufactures historically accurate model trains, vehicles, and model railroad accessories with a real "wow" factor. Our obsession with detail and historical accuracy is reflected in our exceptional design and production: hold a Wheels of Time model in your hand and you'll be tempted to say, "It's the real thing!"

What's new at Wheels of Time

Latest Wheels of Time Product Schedule as of Sept 2015.


1. HO-scale Gunderson 62-ft Flat Cars! Taking Reservations!

2. N scale 80-ft Horse-Baggage is in design stage.

3. N scale Crawler Contest Winners are Victor Morris, Brent Baffert, Michael Livingston, Bruce Monroe.  See the make and model. Taking Reservations!



3rd Run of N-scale PC&F Insulated Box Cars including 2 new body styles and all new paint schemes. Check out our revised artwork.

N-scale Lumber loads for your flat cars and especially for Wheels of Time upcoming bulkhead flat cars.


Second run of HO scale Piggy-Packers