NEW! Plastic parts for your Passenger Rolling Stock. Perfect for your scratch building.

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Door SET A - 72' wide doors: (4) wood, (4) modified wood, (2) pane door, 57" wide (4) modernized door

 (See photo above)



Door SET B - 57" wide door (8) wood, (8) modified wood door, (4) modernized doors

 (See photo above)



80-ft clerestory baggage roof with 24 vents + 1 stove vent pipe

 (See photo above)



Diaphragms;  non-working, plastic; pair

2220 Baggage doors (5-ft wide), Standard postal doors, 2 sets of sprue $5.00


Clear Jewel Case


Clear Jewel Case#999950 - Inside dimensions: 4 5/8"L x 1 1/4"W x 1 1/16"D
Will fit 50-ft boxcar snuggly. $3.00 each     



New N scale Crawler Tractor!

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Allis-Chalmers HD-21, One-piece quality urethane resin casting

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The Prototype -

Allis-Chalmers produced the HD-21 from 1954 to 1975. The HD-21 model included seven different variations of design: different body styling, power ratings, weight, air-filter canister placement. The HD-21 was the first Allis-Chalmer's model to use it's own manufactured engine based on the Buda diesel and not on Detroit diesel truck engine.  Equipped with a 6 cylinder supercharged engine producing between 204 fwhp (1954 models) to 273 fwhp for 1963 model. They weighed in at 44,000 lbs (1954) to 57,100 lbs (1969 model) without any blade attachment. This means a 70-ton railroad flat car can carry a maximum of 2-3 tractors, depending on loading space and any additional attachments.

Historical Context -

 The HD-21 was designed to compete with the Cat D-8. The HD-21 was a little cheaper in cost to acquire than an equivalent Cat machine. It became Allis-Chalmers all time best seller. The HD-21 was equipped with superior track bearings that kept out the dirt which the Caterpillar finally adopted in 1958. The HD-21 had a difficult to use manual transmission prior to their all power shift transmission which came later. Until the 1960, the dozer model blade was operated by cable and winch. From the 1960's on, Allis-Chalmers incorporated a hydraulically operated blade. The production of HD-21 pre-dated the 1975 OSHA law that required mandatory roll over protection (canopy. However, owner-operators and contractors sometimes added an after market canopy. In 1975, Fiat SpA took over Allis-Chalmers line of tractors that was rebranded under the Fiat-Allis name.

Wheels of Time Model -

High quality gray color one-piece urethane resin casing. So no assembly is required! For exhaust stack extension, add a piece K&S brass tubing or styrene rod.

Requires washing model in dish soap and letting it dry to remove any model release.

The HD-21 were painted in all orange, in all yellow or with orange front grill and yellow body.

Paint matches - "Allis Chalmers Persian" orange = use Southern Pacic Daylight Orange
"Allis Chalmers" yellow = school bus yellow / old Caterpillar yellow / WOT Piggy-Packer tractors = close UP Armour Yellow


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Southern Pacific 10-1-2 Pullman using our decals

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980060 Southern Pacific (owned) Lettered Pullmans for 12-1 Plan 3410 / 3410A and 10-1-2 Plan 3585 / 3585A "Lake" series; PMB A/C, Pullman green, 2410A trucks.  Fits Micro-Trains HW Pullman cars.  



 ADA Station Platform Warning Band

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Do you model modern passenger trains? 

These are perfect for superdetailing your Amtrak and modern commuter train station platforms! Easy to apply as a water slide decal.  Actual 3-D bumps.  Pre-colored in safety yellow color. 
Each band is 8" long.  (If you check out by PayPal, please put $0.00 for s,h,i.  We will then send a PayPal invoice for the shipping balance when ADA is released.  If by check, and this is the only thing you are ordering, please include $4.90 for Priority Mail envelope.  If you are purchasing rolling stock or transit motor coaches in addition to the ADA, then use the PayPal check out s,h,i).

Item # ADA Platform Warning Band with Yellow Line
Real 3D raised bumps, 8" long, Decal

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992087 HO Scale; 2 sets of 8" ADA bands $11.59
992160 N Scale; 2 sets of 8" ADA bands $11.59
993087 HO Scale; 3 sets of ADA bands
994160 N Scale; 4 sets of ADA bands $19.99

These bands in safety yellow became a requirement for station platforms used by Amtrak, commuter railroads, and all transit systems in 1992.  Our Decals have the characteristic raised yellow bumps in 3D detail, and yellow coloring. The American with Disabilities Act was passed in July 26, 1990 as public law and became effective on Jan. 26, 1992.  Mike Krop of Metra said these bumps are called "truncated domes." See the real thing in action.



6-wheel Heavyweight drop-equalizer passenger truck


Item # 6-wheel Heavyweight drop-equalizer passenger truck, Type 2410, 11-ft wheelbase Price In Stock
999010 Adjustable draft gear, metal 36" wheelsets, centered-mounted bolster, Micro-Trains couplers. Priced per pair.

All new tooling; Designed for reliability & realistic operation. N-Scale.  Priced per pair


4-wheel Heavyweight passenger truck

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Item # 4-wheel Heavyweight passenger truck ... used on passenger rolling stock extensively in North America since 1910 with UC brake gear
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999009 Adjustable draft gear, MT couplers, metal 36" wheelsets, bolster pins. Priced per pair. $12.89