First Run ETA: Jan 2014;  All reservations are closed on Feb. 22, 2013)  Status:  In production and anticipated to be finished up at the end of November.  For the intermodal fan at heart, the shipment of Piggy-Packers will arrive at the Port of Oakland on the Hyundai Merchant Marine "MOL MOTIVATOR" around January 12, 2014.  From there, the container shipment will go through U.S. Customs, and then to the freight forwarder.

Second Run ETA:  June 2014;  Taking Reservations;  Reservations Due Jan.17, 2014.  Feb. 19, 2014  New Due Date!

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Below are our pre-production models.  All are subject to corrections.  For instance, the cab will have clear windows with full interiors. 

Following on the heels of 2012's Best N-Scale Vehicle of The Year, Wheels of Time is pleased to announce the HO-scale version of our popular PC-90 Piggy-Packer.  The Wheels of Time Piggy-Packer in HO-scale is a highly detailed and historically accurate model based on the FWD Wagner / Raygo Wagner PC-90. It’s perfect for your intermodal scene from 1968 to the present, fully decorated and ready to add to your HO layout or diorama. Read a brief history of this interesting machine on the Wheels of Time blog.

Model Features & Options

  • Positional boom rises, lowers and holds in place.
  • Far side arm rotates up to clear top of trailer or container
  • Near side arm extends and retracts in two positions **
  • Powerful magnets located under lift for "top" lifting of containers
  • Thin-wall cab design
  • Steering wheel and mock-up control panel **
  • Amber clear warning light (non-working)
  • Scaled diameter railings and see-through walkway
  • Weighted to prevent tipping of tractor when lifting a trailer
  • Rubber tires
  • Optional bumper depending on prototype
  • Optional catwalk over right front tire, depending on prototype
  • Optional railing and ladder on lift, depending on prototype
  • Optional container-only spreader available separately and put into place

    **exclusive HO-scale feature 

Features & Options: click for GIF images: cut-away 1; cut-away 2; lift-view)

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Item #

PC-90 Piggy-Packer (HO-scale) 2nd Run

Pre-Orders Due Feb 19, 2014;  ETA Sept 2014

Price In production at the factory
30002 CSX, mid-late model with bottom lift

30003 CP Rail, CP action red paint, mid-late model with bottom lift

Burlington Northern, green logo, mid model with bottom lift



Norfolk & Western, mid model with bottom lift,
no catwalk over wheel 



FWD Wagner, RR leased unit, early model with bottom lift,
no catwalk over wheel 


30017 Western Pacific, late model wtih bottom lift


30018 Chicago & Northwestern, mid model with bottom lift,
no catwalk over wheel


30019 Central RR Co. of N.J., early model w/bottom lift,
FWD Wagner markings, no ladder, no catwalk over wheel


30020 Pennsylvania Truck Lines (contractor to PRR, PC, Conrail)
mid-late model with bottom lift


30021 Cotton Belt, mid model with bottom lift, no catwalk



Demo Red, late model with bottom lift


Item #

PC-90 Piggy-Packer (HO-scale)
Below are First Run




Raygo Wagner mid-range model with bottom lift, RR leased unit, no RR logo, "Strongman" logo, no catwalk

Used by EL, DRG&W and many more.

78.99 sold out


BNSF "BNSF cross" logo, late model with bottom lift, no bumper


78.99 sold out


CN Intermodal, logo, late model with bottom lift, no bumper


78.99 sold out


Conrail, logo, no ladder, no catwalk, mid-model with bottom lift


78.99 sold out


Milwaukee Road "The Milwaukee Motor Transportation Company", late model with bottom lift, no bumper


78.99 sold out


Seaboard System, "Seaboard System RR" logo, late model with bottom lift, no bumper




Southern Pacific "SP Sunset" & "Southern Pacific Transportation Company", mid- model with bottom lift, no ladder on lift


78.99 sold out


Union Pacifc "UP large shield", no strongman logo, late model with bottom lift, no bumper


78.99 sold out


Optional attachable container-only spreader; 2 powerful magnets embedded in this lift



Special only through George's Trains

from Wheels of Time

GT - CN  Orange

Order from GT directly

Special only through Pacific Western Rail Systems

from Wheels of Time


Order from PWRS directly