Wheels of Time Now in HO-scale

If you are looking for high-quality, historically authentic model railroad trains, look no further. We bring you miniature replicas with our attention to detail that brings history alive for HO-scale model railroaders.  We develop and design our products here at Wheels of Time to give you the very best.  Wheels of Time products are built through reservations from dealers or directly to best serve all of our clients and to bring you trains that capture your imagination.  When you see products open for reservations / pre-orders, don't delay.  Order directly or through your favorite dealer. 


HO Scale ACF Bulkhead Flatcars + More Flatcars!

HO scale Gunderson 62-ft 70 ton Flatcars

These finely detailed standard deck and bulkhead equipped cars have been the workhorse in especially carrying lumber from the Pacific Northwest.  See more here.

HO scale Lumber Loads

Lumber loads for all your HO scale flatcars. These are modular and interlocking. See more here.


PC-90 Piggy-Packer in HO-scale

The Wheels of Time PC-90 Piggy-Packer. A huge tractor for moving truck trailers and shipping containers on and off piggyback flat cars. A highly detailed and historically accurate model based on the FWD Wagner / Raygo Wagner PC-90, it’s perfect for your intermodal scene (1968 to the present). Fully decorated and ready to add to your model railroad layout or diorama. More ...