We are thrilled to add a new line of products, Custom Editions, to Wheels of Time.

Many model railroaders have expressed an interest in special locomotives, railroad cars, and vehicles that are so unique that they are not normally produced. Custom Editions was created in response to this demand and offers high quality limited run models that are impossible to manufacture on a regular production process due to a high initial cost. These models and kits will have the same level of attention to details as our regular production models.

The prices are higher due to a higher unit price cost. (Custom Editions by Wheels of Time are not available through our distributors.)

The ubiquitous Step Van in N-scale

Era 1960 through current.

These walk-in delivery trucks were used everywhere to deliver goods and services such as newspaper, freshly baked bread, and packages; They were used by the local fire department, the utility company, U.S. Mail, Railway Express Agency, and many businesses.  Wheels of Time is proud to present this common model yet never been made. 

Model Features -

One piece high fidelity 3-D made in Black Hi-Def Acrylate or FUD material. Model includes attached tires and wheels. Steering wheel is a separately applied part. The photo of the Step Van to the left is how it will looks like when you've receive it. The model to the right shows how it looks after simple clean up and with sprayed with gray primer.

Requires -

Small blade hobby knife
Gray primer such as from Testor's
Clear plastic for windows as an option
FUD material requires additional clean up of waxy substance when delivered. We suggest using simple green and a toothbrush.

These items are ONLY available through Wheels of Time Shapeway's Portal.

Item No. 97502  N-scale Step Van, 2-pack, Shapeways Hi Def Black Acrylate or FUD (CLICK TO GO TO WHEELS OF TIME SHAPEWAYS PORTAL)

Item No. 97503  N-scale Step Van, 3-pack, Shapeways Hi Def Black Acrylate or FUD (CLICK TO GO TO WHEELS OF TIME SHAPEWAYS PORTAL) 

Please click on above underlined link to purchase the N-scale Step Van.  Shipping will be shipped directly from Shapeways.