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Photo Essay: 6-Wheel Heavyweight Passenger Trucks

We're excited about the upcoming release of Wheels of Time's 6-wheel heavyweight passenger trucks which are perfect for scratchbuilders and kitbashers. Along the way, I took photos of various 6-wheel heavyweight passenger car trucks. Notice the variations in truck details. Enjoy.


This is under an ATSF chair car that was rebuilt from a Pullman sleeping car.Truck under Pullman car "Emerald Waters." Notice the variation in the rolling bearing journals.11-ft wheelbase heavyweight truck rebuilt with roller bearing under B&O modernized coach.Notice the "B & O" markings.Heavyweight truck under SP 1975 All Day Lunch Car.SP Class 6-TC-2 truck under SP 77-D-6 Dining Car being retrofitted with rolling bearings. Noticed the "UP" markings under this 1912 UP Harriman business car.This is a Pullman 10'-6" wheelbase truck built in 1900.


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