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More awesome baggage-horse cars

We want to build models that are true to life. While it's true that you won't see most of the undercarriage details of these horse cars unless you pick it up. We want a car that is faithful to the real McCoy as much as possible and so we went all out - a little bit crazy. Take for instance, on the as-built cars: the UC brake system or for the rebuilt cars: the D-22-P brakes; the 380 gallon (A.P.W.S.) water tank and "belt" driven generator. Other details we are proud of which took time to design and make are the little individual box vents along the side of clerestory roof, the separately applied hand holds, proper side depth of door frame around the baggage doors, and all the rivets you can count (until your heart is content). These are details that will pop out and aren't compromised. You can be proud to have one running on your layout soon (in feverish production at the factory right now) and own a little piece of interesting railroading history. Enjoy the photos in the meantime. Go here to see them all.

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