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Waiting + almost ready to go in anticipation.

Waiting and almost ready to go in anticipation - that is the word for the day for our Wheels of Time production. Our N & HO scale Custom Editions HD-21 Crawler + Dozer are being made. Those who ordered "the Works", we will be in touch with you, to find out what pint color tractor you would want. Our N scale 1937 Daylight Chair car as modified in the late 50's as a well as our HO and N scale trucks are also being made too. We had an issue with the 3D printer which has since been repaired - not a timely thing to have it breakdown in prodcution. Our N scale PC&F Exterior Post Boxcars, the final details are being set up at our new factory. Our HO scale flatcars will follow after that production. And those who ordered the N scale WP F7 Fab Four, hang tight, Intermountain RR Co. told me they are committed to our joint project. Timetable for that one is we are waiting in anticipation. Sounds a little bit like "Advent". Happy Holidays!

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