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Variations to PC-90 Piggy-Packer

Early PC-90 Piggy-PackerWilliam Cowper said, “Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor."  As you probably guessed it, the PC-90 Piggy-Packers are no exception.  Some equipment had handrails on the lift, others did not.  Some units had no ladder nor handrails on the lift either.  For example, Erie Lackawanna (leased units), DRG&W (leased units), some Burlington Northern units, Rock Island, and some Southern Pacific ones had these variations including the features of the "early" variation as shown in the above picture.  We hope to cover the different variations in our production.  See more of Wheels of Time PC-90 Piggy-Packer at our web site.

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