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Revised N-scale Conrail PC&F Ex Post Insulated Boxcars!

After studying the ORER (April 1987 and July 1990), and photos from Jeff Lopez and his coordination with the Conrail Historical Society, we have decided to revised the N scale Conrail PC&F Exterior Post Insulated Boxcar numbers back to 360xxx series to better reflect this car history. However, Wheels of Time item numbers (SKU) does not change. It's still in the WOT #61171 through #61178.

Revised Conrail artwork A little bit of background of our changes:  Majority of Conrail MTDS PC&F cars were not renumbered from PC series. Only 4 cars were renumbered to 365xxx series as of 1987 with an addition of 4 more cars as of 1990. Further, marjority of the cars kept their "loading equipment" for the duration of their service with Conrail . . . so RBL markings.  They were used for food and beverage service and were equipped with pallets. Strangely, they kept their originally weigh date and were never reweighted when repainted. Our revised car numbers will reflect these changes to give you a more historically accurate car. By the way, the photo in Morning Sun Books Conrail Color Guide pg 75 is actually a photo of an uncommon renumbering and was not the norm.  

Our revised car numbers are listed below for our N-scale Conrail PC&F boxcar. For those who have already pre-ordered these cars, the WOT item number is what we will be using to fulfill the orders.

Conrail, Class MDTS PC&F 50-ft RB Insulated Boxcar, ex-PC MDT heritage, brown paint - 8 car numbers
80500000061171E 61171 CR 360512
80500000061172E 61172 CR 360515
80500000061173E 61173 CR 360521
80500000061174E 61174 CR 360526
80500000061175E 61175 CR 360530
80500000061176E 61176 CR 360544
80500000061177E 61177 CR 360552
80500000061178E 61178 CR 360560

Much appreciation to Jeff in making these Conrail cars more historically accurate for all!

Pre-orders for this and all the second run of Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars are still due April 30th.  The previous production run of these Ex Post cars should be arriving at the port of Oakland on May 2nd.


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