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Announcing Pacific Car & Foundry Ex Post RBL & XLI in N!

Wheels of Time is happy to announce a brand new tool -  Pacific Car & Foundry 50-ft* Exterior Post Insulated Boxcar in N-scale! These 50-ft Exterior Post Insulated boxcars have never been made before. Featured highly detailed car body including Landis or Keystone Plug Doors as on the real thing, Keystone cushioning details for boxcars so equipped, proper ride height, body-mounted couplers, smooth rolling metal wheels. These cars carry what you find in your non-refrigerated section of your grocery story. Pre-orders are due on August 9, 2017. See PDF brochure; see PNG brochure page 1, page 2, and web site for more details!

*Nominally 50-ft. It's 50'-6" to 50'-7" in inside carbody dimension.


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