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The Old Reliable and The Dixie Line

The Louisville & Nashville Railroad - The Old Reliable and The Dixie Line (after NC&StL merge) -  served the southeast U.S.  L&N was a latecomer to the streamliner era. So here is your chance to run heavyweight baggage-express cars in your consist! L&N ran joint passenger trains with ACL, C&EI, PRR, SAL, SOU, Wabash to name a few - to bring passengers from the Chicago, Florida, New York markets. L&N heavyweight 70-ft baggage-express cars were built by Pressed Steel Car Company and weighed over 67 tons.  They had 125 of these cars in service by 1958. Some were built with clerestory roof and others were built originally with arched roof + Utility ventilators. Wheels of Time will roll out these N-scale L&N baggage-express cars: one with clerestory and one with arched roof in multiple car numbers. Pre-orders due on May 19th.

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