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Status update - production schedules

For those who have ordered our Wheels of Time HD-21 crawler and dozer in HO and N scales, we are in the midst of our production. For those who ordered HO scale trucks, we are running addtional, since we are temporarily out of stock on a few of those numbers. We appreciate your overwhelming support on these these products! It's a good problem to have. For those who have ordered our SP 77-C-x passenger chair car, those are also in being made. We anticipate delivering all those products in the next several weeks.

Our N-scale 2nd run of our PC&F Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars should be releasing in Spring 2019. Our HO plain deck and straight tapered bulkhead flatcars should be shipping in Summer of 2019. Our joint project with Intermountain Railway (IRC) for our WP Final Fs is still on, but we have not heard the latest status from IRC. Thank you again for all of your customer support and encouragement!



Some pics of Trainfest

Here are several photos of Trainfest from Wheels of Time. Photos of our custom painted HD-21s (for those who missed our display at Trainfest; Btw - Be sure to pre-order your HO and N scale HD-21 tractors by Nov. 20th, so we can get a good idea of how many to run in our production.)  Also, check out Bill Neal's excellent N-scale Santa Fe prototype layout module - looking really real! Enjoy.


HD-21 Crawler & Dozer!

Wheels of Time is proud to present the HD-21 Crawler and Dozer in both HO and N scales. The HD-21 was built from 1954 to 1969. It was a direct competitor to the Cat D-8. These are made in USA under our Custom Editions brand. Highly detailed and high quality resin body and treads with 3D acylic blade and details. Taking pre-orders by Nov. 20, 2018.   Go here for more details on Wheels of Time HO scale HD-21.     Go here for more details on Wheels of Time N scale.


N scale 77-ft S.P. Chair Car

Be sure to take a break from your work and pre-order our new 77-ft S.P. Chair Car kit in N scale today! Here is a photo of the close up of the sides painted for post-1958 general service. This car was assigned to systemwide use such as on the Del Monte - Espee oldest named train. Painting the scarlet red stripe is a lot easier than applying a red stripe decal. We think it came out quiet nice. We used Scotch Advance Edge-Lock Blue paint tape available from your local hardware store to masked the stripe.

 The slight distortion in the photo is due to the fisheye effect from our closeup lens.


C&NW & Caltrain bilevels extras!

We found more Wheels of Time trains looking for a good home - as we clean out our storage! Please email us talk2us@wheelsotime.com if you are interested. First come, first serve.

N scale Chicago & North Western Bilevel Commuter Coaches No. 22 and 40 (Items #11422, 11440 respectively). These are in their original jeweled cases. Never used. Some how tucked away hiding! These will be sold at $35 each or both for $65.

N scale Caltrain - early paint scheme Bilevel Commute Coaches No 3700 and 3701 (Items #11003, 11004 respectively). These both have small paint defects. Coach 3701 has a more obvious one just under the number. These are in their original jeweled cases. These will be discounted at $27 each or both for $50.

(Our previous post of Sept. 17th items have been sold.)